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Happy Heart

Preschool and Kindergarten, LLC

Happy Heart Preschool and Kindergarten, LLC is a private school licensed by the PA Department of Education, Private Academic Services. Happy Heart Preschool and Kindergarten, LLC equally admits all students and equally acts in the administration of rights, programs, privileges and activities made available to all students, as well as in the administration of educational or other policies.

Linda Cuesta, Director

PA Nursery /Kindergarten

Teaching Certification

B.A. English

West Chester University

"A nurturing and safe environment for your child's first structured learning experiences"

1445 E Main Street

Douglassville, PA 19518


2013 Summer Camps

for children ages 3-6 (post kindergarten)

3 days/week; curriculum-based, enrichment camps; $ 60/week

M,W,F 9:00-12:00

June Camp Sessions: Language Arts Emphasis

       Camp Session 1:   Adventures in Children’s Literature*

                                  M-6/3, W-6/5, F-6/7                               Cost: $ 60

       Camp Session 2:   A Visit To Fairy Tale Land*

                                   M-6/10, W-6/12, F-6/14                        Cost: $ 60

July Camp Sessions:   Science Emphasis

      Camp Session 3:    Anatomy 101: How My Body Works*

                                  M-7/8, W-7/10, F-7/12                            Cost: $ 60   

      Camp Session 4:     Environmental Science: Protecting the Earth*

                                      M -7/15, W-7/17, F-7/19                              Cost: $ 60

 August Camp Sessions: Social Studies Emphasis

      Camp Session 5:    Map Skills: Learning to Read a Map*

                                    M-8/5, W-8/7, F-8/9                                     Cost: $ 60

       Camp Session 6:    Continents of the World*

                                 M-8/12, W-8/114, F-8/16                          Cost: $ 60

*Cost includes daily snack, drink and freeze pop           

Each camp meeting will provide your child with the opportunity to learn in a fun, air-conditioned, well-equipped and structured environment. Due to the subject matter and format of the camps, it is recommended that the child has some previous school experience.   A separate kindergarten session (same topics) will be offered with adequate enrollment for that age group.    Outdoor play, crafts, stories and surprises are a daily part of each camp. A completed Registration Form and required, non-refundable $ 60 camp cost will reserve your child’s place in the selected camp. Children new to Happy Heart will need to provide a copy of their immunization record with the Registration Form. THANKS!

Call For Additional Information:    610-385-3733

Happy Heart Preschool and Kindergarten, LLC