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Happy Heart

Preschool and Kindergarten, LLC

Happy Heart Preschool and Kindergarten, LLC is a private school licensed by the PA Department of Education, Private Academic Services. Happy Heart Preschool and Kindergarten, LLC equally admits all students and equally acts in the administration of rights, programs, privileges and activities made available to all students, as well as in the administration of educational or other policies.

Linda Cuesta, Director

PA Nursery /Kindergarten

Teaching Certification

B.A. English

West Chester University

"A nurturing and safe environment for your child's first structured learning experiences"

1445 E Main Street

Douglassville, PA 19518


Afternoon Explorers Program  

This is a unique program being offered at Happy Heart ELC that is specifically designed to enrich the learning experiences of children who attend a morning preschool program and who would benefit from additional instruction and academic experiences in a more casually-structured learning environment in the afternoon.

Afternoon Explorers classes will present fun and interesting science and social studies topics that will incorporate and reinforce, where applicable, the language arts skills and math concepts presented in morning programs. Explorers will learn interesting facts and relevant information about the topics being “explored”, while creating artwork and projects that will expand or enhance their understanding of the topic.

Afternoon Explorers is an excellent choice of enrichment activities for parents who seek educationally-based afternoon activities for their preschool-aged children.

Class Schedule

                      1:00                    Arrival

                      1:00-1:15            Independent Table Work and Project Time

                                                 (manipulative bin toys, stencils, puzzles, play-doh, etc)

                      1:15-1:35            Explorers Circle (as outlined in monthly Newsletter)

                      1:35-1:50            Snack (provided)

                      1:50-2:20            Project / Play Time

                      2:20-2:40            Story Time

                      2:40-2:55            Outdoor Play (weather-permitting) or Indoor Group Activity

                      3:00                    Dismissal

NOTE: Due to the limited class time and the numerous activities planned for each session, it is imperative that all Explorers arrive promptly at 1:00 each class day. A minimum enrollment is required to offer the classes on each day of the week.

Tuition Costs

$ 55 / month for 1 class per week/ month OR

$ 200 / month for (5 ) classes per week / month, September – May

Child must be enrolled in a preschool program to attend; children currently enrolled in other preschool programs will be considered for enrollment if openings exist.

Classes begin Monday, Sept. 9, 2013 and end on Wednesday., May 21, 2014 . There is no Registration Fee; the Registration Fee is included in the September tuition cost. These monthly payments are 1/9 of the total tuition due; no money is refunded for missed classes. Immunization Record is required.

Happy Heart Early Learning Center is a licensed preschool and kindergarten; however, Afternoon Explorers is not intended to be your child’s primary preschool experience, only a supplemental or enrichment program. Authorized pick-up persons must be noted on the Registration Form and any changes to this arrangement must be made in writing to the instructor at drop-off.